Was kostet mein Umzug ins Ausland?

Moving to Germany

Do you want to move to Germany? Do you need an international moving company?
With only one request you can get op to 6 free quotes from moving companies.

What you have to do is:

1. Choose  from where you want to move from.
2. Select Germany as the country you are moving to.
3. After that you will see a list of 6 moving companies.
4. Choose the companies from which you want to receive free quotes.
5. Fill your details in the online quotation request and after that the selected companies will contact you as fast as possible.

Angebote von 6 internationalen Umzugsfirmen einholen

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Moving to Germany


Moving abroad can be a big step. So we try to give you some help with the following tips below :

  •  Make a plan how you want to furnish your new home.
  •  Arrange some language courses, if you can’t speak German.
  •  Register phone and internet timely.
  •  Register your child in the new school/kindergarten before your move.
  •  Arrange enough moving assistants.

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